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6 definitions by Adamn!

One in the pink, three in the stink.
Fuck the's all about the Showstopper!
di Adamn! 17 ottobre 2006
327 168
Whilst having sex, if your penis is large enough, you push the cervix into the belly, to where it feels (to her) that her intestines (or "guts") are being "beatin' in"
I love to beat guts until they complain about cervical pains.
di Adamn! 04 agosto 2006
66 18
An easy female. In short, a slut.
I hope there are some dickpigs at this party tonight, I need to get my dick wet.
di Adamn! 27 agosto 2006
12 6
When one partner defecates in the other's mouth and allows them to perform oral sex on them.
GG Allin was a fan of jamocha milkshakes.
di Adamn! 25 agosto 2006
9 16
A male homosexual; faggot
Dashboard Confessional is a talentless gnar gnar mudhog.
di Adamn! 25 agosto 2006
1 10
The emotional feeling you acquire after murdering someone.
Full tilt boogie is an incredible feeling, not necessarily nice though.
di Adamn! 18 luglio 2006
25 69