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A synonym for 'Harry Potter' or 'Boy Wizard' when used as a noun. A tankhive2 usually looks like a dead animal carcass, but with glasses on can strongly resemble a wizard.

tankhive2 can also be used as a verb for being a homosexual.
Look at that ugly boy with the big glasses over there conjuring spells, he must be tankhive2.

You're a tankhive2 if you wear pink wizard robes to the Yule Ball.
di Albus Dumbledore 25 dicembre 2007
As of November 2007, the newest drug to hit the college scene. A very rare specimen, d-pig is composed of the juice from a rhino/Beast from Beauty and the Beast's boil, baby powder and some chunks of broken soap dish, all of which is blended while using extreme curse words...in the dark...listening to awful heavy metal...while smoking a cigar. After d-pig is made, the blender must be immediately unplugged. D-pig can be taken many ways: snorted, injected (preferred) or eaten. If injected, the injection site becomes maroon and causes drug dealers to run away at the site.
Side effects of the drug include floating, cussing, listening to bad music and trying to save the world one plug at a time. And quite possibly wearing girls makeup.
Alternative names: Rhino, the Rhin, Heroin2, Beast, Pig
Andrew and I got so high on D-Pig last night, but it left a nasty rash on my arm and I might have insulted some people.

We asked Will if he wanted some D-Pig, but he got mad and ran..er...hobbled away.
di Albus Dumbledore 26 novembre 2007
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