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5 definitions by Alcatraz

Irish slang word for vagina,
"give us a shot of your gee?"
Would you like to partake in some sexual relations with me
di Alcatraz 21 giugno 2006
Irish slang for a moustache, usually on an immature boy, or on a girl (even worse!!)
"nice ronnie" / "the ronnie on yer wan (that girl)"
di Alcatraz 21 giugno 2006
Acting like a penis, dick, cock etc
you are such a knobaroonie man
di Alcatraz 21 giugno 2006
When a person looks like shit, as in they have been written off, like a crashed car
Person one: do I look ok?
Person two: no man, you look like a total wrote off
di Alcatraz 21 giugno 2006
someone who is incredibly hot (as in beautiful). Some one who you would give a ride. Predominantly an Irish slang word
When seeing an incredibly hot person walking by to exclaim "ride" (as in "wow, they're hot")
Or in a jokey way you can ask a friend "ride?" (meaning - do I look like a ride or what?)
di Alcatraz 21 giugno 2006