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netophile-(net-uh-fahyl) one who is overly obsessed or has an unhealthy addiction or attraction to the internet,noun. (Origin)from the modern abbreviation of the word internet net and the greek word -phile- to have a strong affinity or attraction.
Your mama is such a netophile, she has seen more profiles than a booking officer.

My girlfriend searches the net for everything. She is a regular netophile.

Dude, you know you got a wicked case of netophilia, when you've been changing your myspace layout more than your tightey-whiteys!
di Ash Fab 24 maggio 2008
It means one who is ignorant of the true meaning of a word. A person who repeatedly misuses a word or group of words or one who incorrectly defines a word or a group of words. Usually implies one who does so unintentionally but with a flagrant disregard for the true origin of a word.

Derived from the modern words etymology (the study of speech & word origins) and moron (one who is foolish, and lacking in intelligence).
The Urban Dictionary's rating system helps keep the etymorons in check.

My friends are always trying to come up with cool 'new' words but they just end up sounding like a bunch of etymorons.

Bill's etymoronic tendencies can be embarrassingly awkward at times.
di Ash Fab 23 maggio 2008
netophobe- (net-uh-fohb) one who fears or hates the internet, noun. (Origin) from the modern abbreviation of the word internet net and the word phobe-a common form used to create a personal noun from the word phobia-derived from the Gk -phóbos, adj. fear, panic
I am not a netophobe, I just think you should be careful on the internet.

My friend is so technotarded about the internet that he has become a netophobe.

di Ash Fab 24 maggio 2008
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