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9 definitions by Ben Collier

Something with loads of goodness, or if something that is acheived via a lot of skillage
That's pure ponage dude, yea i know
di Ben Collier 02 gennaio 2005
123 52
Meaning Lots of cash, no matter what currency.
That pimpster coat is bare dollarage
di Ben Collier 02 gennaio 2005
79 29
When someone fails to use deodourant, they get Body Odour, so u say they use BO-derant.
'WTF Matt E, u been using BOderant'
MAtt get a better beoderant
di Ben Collier 03 gennaio 2005
12 2
Means it's just like fair enough, you're right, or have it your way etc.
Bill: 10+1= 100
Ben: Or its 11
Bill: so it is, fairdos
Ben: No worries
di Ben Collier 03 gennaio 2005
16 7
When someone takes bein an pleb to a proffesional level, relating to Pleb Master.
'Yo, Matt E, Ur a plebster'
Look at that plebster he just ain't rite!
di Ben Collier 03 gennaio 2005
10 3
Can be used when leaving, as is the longer version of the word go.

Definition by Alex:
If you find something funny.
'L8rs guys i gotta fohogo'
'ooo, look at that its fohogo!'
di Ben Collier 19 febbraio 2005
9 3
Headphones, coming from the phrase ghetto blasters
yo dawg check these sik tunes pumpin out me mini blasters
di Ben Collier 26 gennaio 2005
8 2