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5 definitions by Bulla

"fucking great"
term widely used by wankers,and a large number of the black youth from the birmingham area, mainly the type who sit at the back of busses waitin 2 rob fones off of grannys.
"whos is dem der sickers trainys?"

"pass me a a tag on dat bleet,dese solids is sickers"

"yo kidda, gimme a look at ya sickers fone"
di Bulla 06 settembre 2003
3 1
slang for penis in hindi.
gaand mein bulla.
"mein" = hindi for "in".
di bulla 15 luglio 2003
34 37
Something wich is wonderfull in every known way, even anal.
that shits bulla in my ass
di Bulla 06 settembre 2003
0 4
An Asian Mofo
Those Daks smell like theyv been eatin theyr own asses.
di Bulla 06 settembre 2003
5 14
Slang for shite
Cor mate i need one hell of a barry white
di Bulla 18 luglio 2003
43 80