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Biologically programmed- (women)
A blanket term meant to absolve women of all responsibility for being sex obsessed, hormonal, needly, clingy, crazy, irrational, borderline retarded sacks of estrogen filled shit. Basically, it states that since women only ovulate for approximately twenty years and produce two eggs a month in that time period, they are on a sacred mission to find the perfect sperm to fulfill their quest to produce hellish little offspring. This thereby gives them license to act like a total bitch towards other women (since every guy could potentially be "the one") and to be suspicious and skeptical towards men until they prove beyond a shadow of a female doubt (like a doubt, but with a pea brain) that he finds them "special" and "likes them for who they are" and "likes me and only me". This justifies their incessant calling, their tyrannical demands for time and attention and their self centered insistence that the man "have the means to provide for the offspring", since they have to be "certain" of their decision since their egg is so fucking precious it makes a Faberge egg look like a decoder ring at the bottom of a box of Cheerios.
It's not her fault man, she's biologically programmed as a woman to get attached if you fuck her good a couple times.
di Bwahaha2010 10 maggio 2010
Biologically programmed- (men)

A blanket term meant to absolve men of all responsibility for being sexually reckless, pussy-obsessed sleazeballs. Finding justification in the fact that since men indeed are programmed to impregnate as many women as possible, it gives them free license to lie/manipulate/hoodwink/hornswoggle as many females as possible into believing that they are either genuine people or genuinely desirable up until the time when the woman (who, believe me, is looking for an excuse to get her pussy stretched anyways) finally says 'oh what the hell' and fucks him. This includes pretending to be a nice guy, lying about having a girlfriend, or feigning interest in the girl as a person until she lets her feeble "she-guard" down and opens the flood gates to her vagina.
Tiger is NOT a sex addict: he's doing what all men are biologically programmed to do, which is fuck as many fine bitches as he can on his short time on Earth.
di Bwahaha2010 10 maggio 2010
The act of engaging in sexual relations with a woman who has a large, dark and cavernous vagina. This act of extreme desperation and bravery is usually reserved for men who have gone more than three weeks without getting laid, and who are willing to submerge themselves (without safety equipment and/or flashlights) without preparation into a vagina in which many enter and few return.

"Koumi was one of the ballsiest spelunkers I have ever seen: he used to fuck XXXXXX without a condom or a GPS system"

"Guys, we lost one of our own today. I just got word that Andrew Tha Owner" died on a spelunking trip yesterday. He was in Wunsch's Cave when he sprained his ankle, and was unable to escape. He eventually ran out of air, and died."
di Bwahaha2010 10 maggio 2010
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