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6 definitions by Capital_A

The only funny show on NBC.
Frasier is on at 9/8 central.
di Capital_A 26 ottobre 2003
246 49
A TV network stupid enough to cancel Family Guy and so hardened on trying to ruin American culture that it turned the MLB All-Star game into a reality TV show by making it count for something. The only thing that keeps FOX alive is "The Simpsons", which constantly makes fun of its own network. FOX is almost a symbol for all that is evil in America.
FOX News is about the crappiest news ever. About 1/4 of it is actually news and the other crap is "are online flower orders making you wilt?"
di Capital_A 19 luglio 2003
322 170
A rap band from St. Louis including Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, City Spudd, and many more.
The St. Lunatics are from St. Louis.
di Capital_A 18 luglio 2003
37 13
1) The television network responsible for letting the world first watch and experience the best show ever, "Family Guy", while allowing it to be as crazy as Seth MacFarlane (great man) wanted it to be and showing three great seasons of it.
2) The f****** network responsible for f****** canceling the best f****** show in the f****** world! FOX is so f****** stupid! Damn you FOX! DAMN YOU!
"Burn in hell Fox!"- Stewie (Family Guy)
di Capital_A 25 ottobre 2003
14 17
One heck of a pimped out nickname!
J.B. loves the "Capital A" chain!
di Capital_A 12 settembre 2003
3 9
a cool language to learn
Man, that's awesome that you know Japanese!
di capital_a 26 settembre 2003
222 427