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6 definitions by Chux

When a guy cums on a girls stomach and it makes a little puddle in her bellybutton.
Poor Ralphy Boy just couldn't hold on any longer so he fujibled all over Jezzeble.
di Chux 09 dicembre 2003
0 2
See "Spank The Monkey"
Tito had to split...After lunch is his normal time to wax the tractor.
di Chux 09 dicembre 2003
2 5
See "Hammer Toe"
That Jeff is such a thermos!
di Chux 09 dicembre 2003
2 5
A person, usually a guy, who is a complete moron.
Dr. Mendeljohn gave Petey the wrong prescription for his herpes. He is such a hammertoe.
di Chux 09 dicembre 2003
3 16
A large heavy pot used for slow cooking.
The dog's head was too large to fit in the sauce pan, but I had a Dutch oven stored at the back of the cupboard and it sufficied.
di chux 03 agosto 2003
23 57
To lower ones trousers and take a MASSIVE DUMP!!!
Hanes we'll be back in few minutes...he had to go drop trou.
di Chux 09 dicembre 2003
62 251