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18 definitions by CooCooCoo

something boring or tedious
the party was flat so hector streaked through the billiard room.
di CooCooCoo 17 gennaio 2006
88 57
code for a hot asian girl
Jack: "dude check it out. lemon ice 3 o' clock"
Ernie: "oh damn you're right!"
di CooCooCoo 17 gennaio 2006
45 17
jessicasians are the most beautiful girls on the planet. it's comprised of jessica alba and all hot asian females.
trevor hit the car in front of him as he drooled over two jessicasians walking by on the sidewalk.
di CooCooCoo 17 gennaio 2006
54 28
the section of the body that includes the neck and a loosely defined surrounding region.
the outlaw punched the sheriff in the necktion before he was subdued.
di CooCooCoo 17 gennaio 2006
36 13
a term used to refer to zombies by those living in a zombie-infested world.
As Lucy drove through outskirts of Atlanta she saw three roamers experimenting with a swimming pool.
di CooCooCoo 26 gennaio 2006
32 10
a partaker in the land-based extreme sport of freewalking or freerunning involving shoes with grinding plates (Soap Shoes). Basically, anyone who does grinds and combo tricks using Soap Shoes.
Tim the soaper ate it hard on the schools concrete stairs he was trying to grind down.
di CooCooCoo 02 febbraio 2006
31 12
a perfect asian girl that dominates life
sheryl ng is such a baldie!
di CooCooCoo 10 novembre 2005
41 23