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63 definitions by Cupcke27

(Erectus Longinus Penis Grande) is an advanced species of human found to the west of Indonesia and parts Malaysia. He is well known for being found wherever their is an abundant amount of video games, pretty women and weapons. Main food groups are Roti Nhan ,Pizza ,Dragons ,Lions ,Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee ,human fear and courage. He contains a giant anaconda like penis in his pants and is fucking awesome in everything. He is known for extreme skills using Nunchucks. Very dangerous and impossible to defeat in armed or unarmed combat , it is suggested that if you see him immediately run for your life like a sissy bitch. DO NOT attempt to capture as his fists can crush titanium as well as Adamantium. If you find yourself cornered by a him start praying because that is the last moment of peace you will have before he drives his fist through your chest and rips off your lips and uses it to kiss your own ass. He will beat the living daylights out of you in a heartbeat and make you believe that your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory if you ever mess with the ones he loves.His has eyes as endless as the Ocean and a smile that lights up your life.Dayanandan has a scent which stays with you until you see him again.According to prophecy it is the name of the future ruler/ender of the world.
Soldier 1 : Holy titty fuck, he is deflecting my m16 bullets with his nunchucks.

Soldier 2 : Assholius, try using your grenades or your Rocket launcher !!!

Soldier 1 : I did .He ate the grenades and started breathing fire.When i tried the Rocket launcher he caught the missile and threw it at one of our

Soldier 3: Fuck you spineless fucks, i am gonna kick his ass with my Krav maga and my Adamantium katana.You cunts just keep shooting !!!
*Soldier 3 gets mutilated and his head is stuck in his ass*

Soldier 1 & 2: Run for your lives !!!

Soldier 4 : Morons, don't you all know that we are no match for Dayanandan.

In Sanskrit Daya means mercy/compassion and nandan means joy..Dayanandan is one who gains joy in giving compassion aka King of mercy ,which is why his sweet words will make girl's heart beat louder and eventually fall in love with him.
di Cupcke27 04 ottobre 2011
1. A cooler way of saying asshole .Best when pronounced with a greek accent.

2. A person who, eloquently speaking, is such a complete and utterly disgrace to mankind.

3. A person who by ignorance or stupidity takes up unnecessary amounts of your time.

4. One hell of a stupid fucker ,an ugly dumbass prick.
Messenger : We would like you to surrender Sparta to Persia please.

King Leonidas : Assholius !!! This is Spartaaaaaaa !!! *Kicks the fool into a bottomless pit*
di Cupcke27 26 settembre 2011
1.a powerful single action revolver holding six rounds of .45 Colt ammunition.

2.Cannot play Russian Roulette without it.

2.The weapon of the legendary Revolver Ocelot.

Introduced in 1873, no Colt revolver has earned greater fame than the Single Action Army, The Peacemaker.
In design and performance, in line and form, no more sculptural and practical Colt has ever been created.
"This is the greatest handgun ever made. The Colt Single Action Army. Six bullets... More than enough to kill anything that moves. Now I'll show you why they call me... 'Revolver'."
— Revolver Ocelot to Solid Snake in 2005.
di Cupcke27 28 maggio 2011
1. A slang for condoms as these shield women from the ultimate STD(pregnancy).Eventually, pregnancy leads to birth. The disease is perpetuated through generations.

2. A type of personal armor carried on the arm, meant to intercept attacks, either by stopping projectiles such as arrows or redirecting a blow from a sword, mace or battle axe to the side of the shield-bearer.
Hot blond : Ready for a steamy night Daya ;) ?

Daya: Let's do this

Hot blond:Don't be silly wrap you willy (use a condom)

*suddenly a ninja attacks Daya but the attack is intercepted by Daya's shield and the ninja is killed brutally by Daya's colossal cock*

Daya: Thank god i had my old roman shield.Oh yeah babe,have no worries i brought my penis shield along ;)

Hot blond: Good, now we can use them as water balloons at the hot springs tonight with my friends ...my idea of a steamy night ^_^

Daya: WTF =.='''
di Cupcke27 01 ottobre 2011
1. A fauchard is a type of polearm weapon, which was used in medieval Europe from the 11th through the 14th centuries. The design consisted of a curved blade put atop a 2 m (6–7 feet) long pole.
Roman warrior : Prepare to be impaled by my Fauchard foolish mortal !!

Daya : =.='' its no match for my penis...bring it on bitch !!!

*after the battle*

Roman warrior: *lies on the ground bleeding* errr i lost...to the master of Dayagasm

Daya : Don't mess with the dick of steel !!


...................../..../ /





..........''...\.......... _.·´


di Cupcke27 01 ottobre 2011
1.Proof that knowledge is power !

2.In dept education on philosophy of sexual ecstasy( to Not to be confused with the average sex education.This is the teachings of the holy bible of love (Kamasutra) and the Tantric arts.

4.The magic that can turn a penis into the mightiest sword

3.A reason for you to get your morning exercise on bed

4.The reason i am getting laid and you are not

5.Knowledge that can evoke passion that burns like a 1000 suns

6.The reason your dad still has his spark

7.Passionate for both just cannot get any better than this !

8.The best way to taste a piece of heaven on earth

9.The best way to achieve a Dayagasm (ultimate orgasm)
Master Yoda:Master the art sexducation and get laid again i will.

The Sith: it reveals a hidden side of the force.

Guy 1: i got 6 packs through having longer and more frequent sex after earning a PhD in sexducation.

Grandpa: yeah ! i am young again :D

Lady: i used to have 5 meals a day but now i have 5 males a day
di Cupcke27 26 maggio 2011
1. The act of masturbating (rubbing your cock masterfully).

2. Scouring the pipes of your penis in order to orgasm.

3. the process of pleasing yourself sexually

4. What you do when there is nothing to do

5. What you do when your family is not home

6. The reason people watch porn.

7. The reason old people are having more heart attacks.
Scouring the pipes (Masturbation) protects against Prostate Cancer. Men who Scour their pipes more than 5 times a week in their 20's are 33% less likely to develop the

most aggressive form of prostate cancer later in life. A 2003 study by Graham Giles at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne Australia found that the ejaculate helps to "flush" or rid the male body of carcinogens.
di Cupcke27 26 maggio 2011