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47 definitions by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada

1) Originally referred only to a homosexual male; now it is a generic term of contempt, roughly equivalent to, "I'm a better man than you are and, on a side note, you look somewhat effeminate!"
2) Also a general term of endearment between bros

Interchangeable with faggot
1) (impatiently in a crowd) "Get out of my way, fag!"
2) (as friend shows up at bar for brewskis: "Yo, fag! Over here!"
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 29 giugno 2010
1. towards the south pole
2. as "the south," the lower half of USA
3. the male genitals
4. down/lower, referring to direction on a wall map.
1. Penguins only live naturally in the south
2. The South will rise again, y'all!
3. don't just kiss my stomach, Babe, go south!
4. When a woman turns 50 her tits really start to go south (ie sag)
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 02 ottobre 2012
semi-sarcastic way to say nothing much is going on.
Boss: How come you only made 5 sales all day?
You: It was a slow news day, I guess

Jim: Yo, Sup?
Tim: fuck all
Jim: slow news day, I take it?
Tim: Fuck, yeah!
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 21 ottobre 2010
1) American spelling of Louis
2) left (as a direction)
1) hey, Louis, tell me how to get to your house from mine
2) ok, Mario, head straight down Forest, hang a louie on Pine, go 2 blocks, then do a ralph on 3rd. . . 2nd house on your left. bring beers, you cheap cunt!
di cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 06 giugno 2013
1. Yuppie losers who buy & use all the latest Apple crap, like iPhone, iPod, iPad, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

2. The Apple 'experts' working in the Apple Stores
1. Proof of the Dumbing Down of America: all the iTards wandering through life plugged into the latest crap made by Apple

2. When I'm bored I like to go into the iStore and ask the iTards impossible questions like, "How long before this iPhone IV is obsolete?"
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 12 luglio 2011
1. Short for typographical error (mistake when typing, not indicative of not knowing how to spell)
2. used as an excuse when can't spell
3. synonym for fuck you, to those who point out any slips you've made, even if non typing related
1. Teacher: "Your paper shows THERI as an answer when it should be THEIR"
You: Sorry, typo
2. Teacher: "Your paper shows THEIR as an answer when it should be THEY'RE"
You: Sorry, typo
3. Teacher: "You put LONDON as an answer, when it's actually PARIS"
You: Typo!
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 14 settembre 2010
1. any black variety of nut
2. testicles on a negro (especially very large ones)
3. part of a phrase of inquiry into a black man's sanity
1. WTF is with these dark walnuts? I never ordered any nigger nuts!
2. If Mike Tyson ever tried to rape me, I'd kick him so hard in his nigger nuts he'd change his mind fast!
3. Chris Rock is dating Roseanne Barr? Is that nigger nuts?
di Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 06 aprile 2012