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13 definitions by DEEZ NUTS

Snoop Dogg Byach!
Fo' shizzle
Fo' Rizzle
It's the mutha fuckin D O Double Gizzle.

di Deez Nuts 28 luglio 2003
14 9
This is a lazy way of saying the phrase "I don't know," possible when your mouth is full.
"What are you doing tonight?"

"Iono bro, hit me up later."
di deez nuts 05 febbraio 2004
2 3
deez sweaty, drippy, smelly balls of jiz between your legs.
Your woman licked my nut sack till I spooged on her face
sack o nutz
di deez nuts 15 dicembre 2003
33 40
Hot Damn; or to like in a hot kinda way,
word up my nigga and bitches!!!!!!
hot-digty dog! that hoe is trifling. sho nuff!
di deez nuts 14 giugno 2003
5 13
The langizzle of da shizzles from da hood.
English Phrase:Nice Sneakers!
Ebonics equivalent: Drop them Nike off yo' fizzle for i bust a cap in ya'
di Deez Nuts 28 luglio 2003
15 41
What you do not have
YOU: Have you played that new game?
FRIEND: what new game?
YOU: Deez Nutz
di DEEZ NUTS 14 novembre 2003
11 41