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6 definitions by Debra

The meaning of this phrase is to alert co-workers, on-lookers, passers-by, and anyone else in a group, large or small, who is in charge of a given scenario.
Bryan: Well, what if we approach this problem from a different perspective?

Debra: I'm fucking this cat, so just shut up and hold its tail!
di debra 13 febbraio 2005
61 26
1.seriously or aquainted with a question to show truth and seriousness.

2.sure seriously
Danien:U fo serious u lost yo cd?
boniqua:yea im fo sho i dont know where it is.
Damien:mane you fo serious!

sandy: Im fo serious i want u out of my hizouse!!!
di Debra 22 novembre 2003
4 1
a moustache combined with a unibrow on one's face.
"hed be good looking if not for that unistache!"
di debra 19 aprile 2003
2 1
sexy, cool.
"damnnn hes shmacksie..."
di debra 19 aprile 2003
0 0
The act of conuming too much alcohol and trading oral favors with a strange woman who is 15 years your senior.
Dude!! DO NOT be a drunken Brad!!
it is in poor "taste" to tongue a stranger's birth canal after consuming 15 jello shots!!!
di debra 26 marzo 2005
5 17