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28 definitions by EROCK

Used by Ryan Seacrest and other misc fags to say goodbye.
After leaving the gay gang bang Ryan curtsied and said "Seacrest Out"!
di EROCK 16 agosto 2004
316 118
When your poo has the consistency of pee.
After drinking a case of Old Milwaukee, Jeff had a serious case of butt pee.
di Erock 06 aprile 2004
112 23
Pimped out to the max. Starting with the shoes, most likely Bruno Maglis, to the Zanella slacks, Nat Nat shirt and Kangol brim.
Leon walked into the club g'd up from the feet up. All the women turned their heads his way as he strolled to the bar.
di Erock 29 giugno 2003
118 32
Word meaning Giant and Enormous at the same time.
Those titties are Ginormous!
di Erock 11 novembre 2004
91 52
early morning hard on. also known as morning wood.
di Erock 29 giugno 2003
58 19
A single man who is used as a sex toy and temporary father figure for a woman who's still married but in the process of getting divorced.
Paula was using Tim as a proxy husband until she figured out what she was doing with her life.

His role was one of a proxy husband.
di Erock 07 aprile 2004
34 6
Matlock was a repeat, so we scronked instead.
di ERock 15 maggio 2004
34 10