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1. A British chav - a white urban Brit who enjoys picking fights with strangers and acting tough. Chav is a shortened version of the term and is used much more often.

2. A jingoist - a person who is fiercely nationalistic and will side with their country no matter what - right or wrong - and call anyone who disagrees with them a traitor. Common in parts of the UK and in the Southern and Midwestern US.

3. A male chauvinist - a man who treats women as inferior or considers men better than women. A sexist. Common in fundamentalist Christian and Islamic cultures.
1. Those bloody chauvinists vandalized my pub again!

2. Those stupid rednecks in the Bible Belt give us Americans a bad name abroad. Europeans think we're all just a bunch of gun-totting, Bible thumping chauvinist morons.

3. The Taliban are all chauvinist pigs. Look at how they force their wives to wear burkas and deny them basic human rights.
di GeorgeMichael 27 agosto 2009
An attractive 20-something guy who seduces women in their 30s or above (if they have money, it's preferred).
Eric just got himself a new sugar mommy. Damn that guy's such a gigolo!
di GeorgeMichael 05 novembre 2009
The British equivalent of American white trash - but more ghetto and less redneck
British chav: Piss off ya stupid yankee prick or i'll thump your arse good, ya hear me fucker? (*bling bling*)

American redneck: shut up you stupid liberal limey queer! you anti-American God-hating liberal losers got your asses kicked in the Revolution. just you come on down to Texas and say that in front of me and my 7 cousins and we'll show you the 2nd Amendment you stupid punk! oh yeah, and God Bless America too!
di GeorgeMichael 27 agosto 2009
A wannabe faggot. A waggot is an effeminate straight or bisexual guy who purposely imitates all the gay male stereotypes to try to gain acceptance into the gay subculture.

This is usually the result of being socially rejected by his straight peers because of his effeminate looks or speech - guys would bully him and call him a pussy, and girls would sometimes talk to him but would never date him (even with his sensitive personality and good hygiene). This in affect gives them more in common with goths and emos than with the gay culture.

The ironic twist is that real gay guys rarely give waggots the time of day because even the most effeminate gay men out there consider waggots pansies, so waggots usually end up socially rejected by gays too - and in the end they're forced to find companionship with other waggots and straight girls who think they're funny but would never fuck them for their life.

Symptoms of waggotry:

*Decking out in makeup, women's clothing and tons of accessories - that don't even match and are in horrible taste. Real gay men don't actually cross-dress and unlike waggots they actually have a good fashion sense.

*Excessive use of emoticons and Valley Girl speak during texts and online chat - with no grammar skills whatsoever.

*Talking with an annoying high-pitched nasally voice. And laughing out load or or saying cute things like "totally!" or "fabulous!" seemingly at random during conversations.

*Asking people on online forums for advice on what color short shorts would look best on you - and what color thong briefs you should wear with your short shorts.

*Calling anyone a homophobe who points out that you're a waggot or just a pansy ass loser in general.

My class is having a car wash to raise money for our

spring break trip, and they thought it would be funny if i wore short shorts XD you think I should do it? XDXD


Uh whatever dude that sounds kind of gay but sure go for it if you want. I don't care. lol


Awesome XDXD Black Or White shorts? What about black and pink shorts? maybe black shorts with pink lettering on the ass that says "Golddiggah" in glitter XD

God where would i find these shorts??!?!?!

and btw im wondering if i should trim my legs XD


Dude shove it you stupid waggot. I can tell you aren't even gay if you actually think that gay guys talk like that. You're more like just a straight-up attention whore. So stfu you annoying little bitch!
di GeorgeMichael 27 agosto 2009
Often confused with geek. A nerd is simply a socially inapt and possibly autistic person - usually a young white male. Nerds may or may not have a high IQ, and they tend to prefer being alone or with fellow nerds who they know will not judge them. Even if they're intelligent, nerds are very undisciplined tend to make average grades in high school because they spend their study hall period daydreaming about World of Warcraft and and the Lord of the Rings trading card game (which they play at their mom's house with male friends each Saturday night while their classmates are going on dates). As a result of feeling inadequate they usually never put their intelligence to real use and usually end up working fast food jobs and rarely lose their virginity.

Geeks on the other hand are just intelligent guys with interest in technical knowledge (such as computers) - but are not actually socially inapt and are likely very mature for their age (while nerds are less mature for their age). They may still be made fun of by the extremely prejudiced because they put school and work over partying and fun, but you will likely end up working for them once you're out of high school while they'll be paying more in taxes then you earn in a year.
Nerd speak: Hey joe did you get the new expansion pack for world of warcraft yet? Its so awesome hahahah! I found a glitch in it where i can make the character walk through a wall and get all the way to the end boss in like just 1 hr. normally that takes all day. and when i do that the boss is at level 1 even though hes supposed to be at level 50 if you get to him the normal way so i killed him in one punch because i was at level 10!! lolololo sweeet!!! if you wanna come play with me and ned this saturday i'll show you how to do it. My mom said its okay!

Geek speak: I got accepted to Yale on a full scholarship and I'm heading there this fall. I waited too late to apply for financial aid at Harvard so I guess I'll just have to settle for my safety school. I'm thinking of studying neurosurgery in medical school. It's a toss up between either that or a major in aerospace engineering. I'll decide later.
di GeorgeMichael 27 agosto 2009
A mental disability most common in white males. Autistics/aspergers tend to have higher than average IQs but have difficulty learning simple tasks and social cues intuitively and need to read an "instruction manual" for just about everything. As a result they become obsessed with minor details but miss the big picture - similar to people with obsessive compulsive disorder - and tend to get labeled as nerds, weirdos or retards and suffer social rejection.


An autistic guy wants to ask his secret crush to his high school prom. But instead of just asking her, he reads 600 pages worth of Sigmund Freud a week in advance in order to understand the female mind so he'll know "the correct way" to ask her to the prom.

When he finally asks her, he quotes a paragraph long "pickup line" that he memorized word for word in advance full of Freudian terms that she doesn't even understand. She she tells him she has no clue what he just said and he becomes offended and explains to her that he memorized 600 pages worth of Freud and explains to her why his pickup line was "the correct way to ask a girl out". She then assumes he's some kind of pervert since he knows who Sigmund Freud is and tells him to get lost and ends up going to the prom with the jock who'd always bullied him in gym class.

The autistic guy stays home on prom night contemplating his failure - telling himself that he doesn't understand why girls don't appreciate his superior intellect - and proceeds to drown his sorrow in Emo music and Walt Whitman poetry.
Autistic guy: Why hello my fair lady! Has it not crossed your mind that escorting me to Stone Creek High School's prom this weekend would happen to be a wise decision? For I have mastered the technique of inquiring of a lady whether it is in her true interest to be my date upon such a lovely night as that of our upcoming prom - and I am more than eager to provide your lovely self with an accurate explanation as to why I have provided you the most sincere and intelligent questionare as to whether or not you would prefer to be my date for that wonderful evening. :)

Girl: WTF did you just say to me? You sound really creepy.

Austistic guy: What?! How dare you slander my intellectual prowess? I shall have you know that I have taken the trouble to memorize the entire works of Sigmund Freud in advance of asking you out in order to enlighten you as to why I am in your best interest! And yet your pathetic anti-intellectual mind rejects my mastery of the female psychology and of the English language? Your cruelty cuts me to the quick! And please do not label me as suffering from autism like my ignorant psychotherapist has done before, as he simply does not recognize my intellectual superiority and labels it falsely as a curse rather than the gift that it is!

Girl: Uh okay you are some kind of weirdo. Stay the fuck away from me or I'll get Brad to beat you up. Oh yeah and he already asked me out you stupid creep. So just fuck off

Autistic guy: Sigh, why is it that the average female is so oblivious to my intellectual and linguistic mastery? Someday I hope that I shall happen upon a woman with an intellect equal to my own who shall steal my virginity along with my heart. Until then I suppose I shall have to tend to my wounded heart by drowning my sorrows in The Young and the Hopeless - the 2nd album by the delightful band Good Charlotte - released on October 1, 2002 - album length: 46:19.
di GeorgeMichael 27 agosto 2009
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