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Derived from the name of the Evil Fairy from the original (pre-Disney) fairytale, Sleeping Beauty.

Verb; to be Maleficent: the act of using power legitimately held over a person or people, but in an unnecessarily harsh or malevolent manner.
The judge was particularly maleficent when he added ten years to the sentence for what he saw as a lack of remorse by the defendant.
di Googie Whithers 29 giugno 2010
1- Behavior whereby one uses religion or adherence to spiritual principles as justification to behave in a judgmental or negative manner.

2- The act of imposing one religion's social norms on the rest of society, contrary to or without regard for cultural or other socially relevant groups, individuals, or ideas that one would expect to be protected by a freedom-respecting society.

3- Ass-holy (variation): One who is sanctimonious in his or her religious or spiritual ideas, and judges others and/or tries to impose his or her religious ideas upon others.
People who call themselves 'biblical literalists' are engaging in ass-holiness when they disregard inconsistencies in the bible, or resort to interpretive gymnastics to get around one issue (like subjugation of women, or adultery brought about by divorce), while vainly clinging to strict interpretations of other passages (such as prohibition of masturbation, or condemnation of male homosexuality).
di Googie Whithers 27 giugno 2010
Get in touch with me. Also used alone as simply "lime".

A shortcut for the phrase "drop me a line" born from the routine tendency of text messaging devices to "correct" misspellings, in this case the word "line" becomes "lime".

Increasingly "drop me a line" is used more often than "give me a call", because use of text-messaging, tweeting, Facebook-ing, and emailing are becoming as or more common than using the telephone.

Because "lime" is absurdly unique when used in the phrase "drop me a lime", it is being adopted by some wanting to convey the message in a simple and short manner.
(Examples are as used in a text message)

Thnx for info. Lime me.

b there at 8! Lime please.
di Googie Whithers 15 maggio 2010
a term used to describe the increasingly technologically saturated world we live in.
Are you strong enough to survive the Republic Polytechnic?

The Kindle is one of the newest additions to the Republic Polytechnic.
di Googie Whithers 15 giugno 2009
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