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One of the greatest thrash/speed metal bands ever to grace the earth, who have gained much criticism (some of which is understandable) over the suing of Napster for illegal downloads of their music and for the rather shite St. Anger album. Seeing as Metallica are my favourite band this is my attempt to be as unbiased as possible. Ok, I admit St. Anger was one of the worst albums ever made by a band of such quality. And maybe Load and ReLoad disappointed many Diehard Metal fans. But they were still good quality, but rather attempted to aim at a wider, more accessible market with a more rock sound. Megadeth and Metallica have shared many feuds over the last couple of decades, but there is no denying that Dave Mustaine is a far better guitarist than Kirk Hammett. On the flip side I think James is a better vocalist. If you combine the lyrics and vocals of Four Horsemen with the guitaring of Mechanix, the song would be truly amazing. It is a great shame that Dave left the band at such a promising stage because he in my opinion, would of had a major influence on the direction of Metallica. The band has been through a lot too, losing a member is not easy. Cliff was an amazing bassist and is sorely missed by many who idolised and loved him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Metallica have become famous and people are annoyed because they are more mainstream but lets be honest even the last 3 albums have seldom been played on UK radio. I have only ever heard Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters played on radio..They aren't sellouts-just clever businessmen.
P.S Old school metal rules. New stuff sucks...
New style metal fan: Hey, have you heard Bullet For My Valentine's new album?
Me: O please fuck off little Emo kid, Metallica is where its at
di JT 22 maggio 2006
very accurate depiction of the vagina
that girl pisses so much, she's got salty piss flaps cuz of it.
di JT 25 aprile 2005

When you can't pronounce asthma, you say assmar
Piggy so fat and can't go up lots of stairs because he's got assmar
di JT 06 ottobre 2004
Further to earlier explanations, within the British Army, also used in response to an answer to an obvious question. This is a question that you have set the other person up to answer. Can become quite frustrating as you become paranoid answering any question in case it is a Wah!
Steve "Is that a can of beer in your hand Bill?"
Bill "Yeah!"
Steve "Wah!"
Bill "Bugger, been Wah'd again!"
di JT 09 novembre 2004
Blizzforums is a close knit message board community devoted to bitching about stuff that sucks and saying how much Starcraft rules. Points of interest include Chit Chat, where most of the spamming occurs, and Serious Discussion, where the discussion is not serious. Usual topics include how much Bush sucks/rules, and how much God sucks/rules. It also features a long, sordid history of people getting publicly banned, long standing feuds, and ginormous flamewars. In other words, very amusing to watch.
Famous BF Members-

Chaos- mod. Serious asshole. Will debate even when there's nothing to debate. Possible cause for "brain drain" of BF.

Dark Magneto- Conspiracy alarmist. Now enlightening the masses about peak oil.

WinAce- former member, but does chime in from time to time. Very fucking smart. Basically the closest to an atheistic apologist.

Redcloak- admin. One of the few ones left (the others were banned in a huge event), basically just posts pictures in the chick thread.

Protosschick99- former member. Crazy Christian fundie. Also one of six females to post on site.

Jedi_Templar- yours truely. Sees himself as a rebel with a cause, but doesn't make that much of an impact.
di JT 24 febbraio 2005
Hey, you! Used to get someone's attention.
Eh, yo! Come back here a second.
di jt 21 novembre 2002
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