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A person in your life you can't get rid of or deny knowing. Other aspects of your life are fine, but there lies a big old reminder and someone is always pointing it out. Every time you look at him/her, you wish your life was stain-free.
My sister-in-law is a stain.
di K 08 aprile 2004
218 144
an extremely hot boy
"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
di k 08 settembre 2003
212 138
1. adj, when a black person becomes self consciously angry or aggressive.

2. adj, an adjective used to describe a crazy party.
1. "I'm gonna have to get niggerish on his ass."

2. "It was mad niggerish and that was right up my alley."
di k 16 giugno 2006
184 111
Kristal Joint PCP
A term for the drug PCP
di k 15 settembre 2003
119 60
What comes out of a cock during orgasm.
"Would you like some dick sauce on that taco?"
di K 08 settembre 2003
68 15
A tuque is indeed a hat which keeps us warm during the -20/-40 winters of Québec and the rest of Canada. The word "tuque" is especially used in other, metaphoric expressions as well.
"Attache ta tuque!"

This expression means "you'll have a hard time doing this or that". Another variant is:

"Attache ta tuque avec de la broche!"

That means the task at hand is even steeper.
di K 19 gennaio 2005
62 18
When someone's belly "dun-lap" over his belt...used on extremely disgusting overweight people who don't have the sense to wear clothes that fit.
DAMN that is one bad case of Dunlap Disease on that mofo fatass
di K 16 novembre 2004
64 23