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A teenager, male or female, usually in the range of 13-16 years old, who likes to go wild and have a good time.
Their activities are not necessarily bad, but definately against the rules. Often sneak out of the house in the dead of night.
I was less a wild child and more of a depraved pyromaniac, burning down telephone poles on the weekends.
di Laocoon 01 luglio 2006
Woods in France where the U.S. Marines and Army basically made asses out of the Germans. They sent letters home crying about how ruthless and mean the Americans were. Also where the Marines got the nickname Devil Dog.
Pussy German: Oist, mein mama, the Americans are soooooo mean! Zey trounced Klaus and put his head on a stick! Ve are getting out of Belleau Woods while we still can!
di Laocoon 25 luglio 2006
A disaster and mistake, but really not that big of a deal.

Vietnam makes this war look like child's play

In WWII, there was so much destruction and so many innocent civilians killed, it would make the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah shit their pants.

Don't knock the US military for killing civilians. You try busting into a house where there are 10 people, with a hundred different things going on and your heart is racing so fast you can hear it in your ears. At that point, wether the war is right or wrong becomes irrelevant. If it was your ass on the line, would you not shoot first and ask questions later?
Stupid fuck: Duuuh, the soldiers are murdering pregnant women!

Normal Person: the war with Iraq is wrong, but what about the starving kids in Africa? That's been going on before this whole Iraq thing even got started!

Stupid fuck: Well, there aren't any cameras over there so I don't care!
di Laocoon 25 luglio 2006
A very scary airline company that employs half-blind mental institution patients as pilots. They lose your baggage every time because the stewardesses dump it into the ocean for fun. Regardless of where you bought a ticket for, you can end up anywhere in the known world.
I thought something was wrong when the flight from Albuquerque to San Diego took 33 hours. As we took off, the pilot started laughing maniacally and screaming "The faster we go, the higher we get!" as he executed a barrel roll. After losing half the wing and one of our engines falling off, we landed (upside down in a lake)in Japan. And to top it all off, they LOST MY DAMN LUGGAGE!

Let me guess. Delta Air Lines?
di Laocoon 04 luglio 2006
A healthy, fit female or male who cheers on the sports teams. Usually very nice people, they perform acrobatic feats and other dance routines.

I'm willing to bet the people with negative definitions are simply jealous fat slobby bitches who couldn't get laid if their life depended on it. Put down the fucking double cheeseburger and hit the gym for pete's sake. Stinky nasty fat bitches. You could shower more than once a week too.
Damn, that cheerleader slapped dat bitch!

Fat bitch: Oooh, that cheerleader is sexier than me, I HATE HER! (Runs home and eats half the refridgerator)
di Laocoon 09 agosto 2006

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