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5 definitions by Mr. Callipygian

Not showing up on time, or at all for an important event because you didn't feel like it. This resembles the behavior of Axl Rose.
Person 1: "Dude why didn't you show up for your wedding"
Person 2: "I felt like Axl Rosing"
di Mr. Callipygian 23 settembre 2011
10 1
When one develops bloating and the discharge of gas, due to the movements of the intestines due to hunger.
I have the hunger farts. I better eat some food.
di Mr. Callipygian 23 settembre 2011
9 4
An event in which 2 or more people drive around in a second or third generation Pontiac Tans-Am or Chevy Camaro wearing wife beaters and aviators. This event typically involves listening to loud 1980's rock music and various types of careless driving.
Person 1: "Hey, do you want to go wife beating tonight?"
Person 2: "Sure i'll go fire up my Camaro"
di Mr. Callipygian 23 settembre 2011
4 2
Someone, who when playing Zombies on COD, who will do anything including fuck up the whole game for a shot at the mystery box.
"Quit being a mystery box whore!"
di Mr. Callipygian 23 settembre 2011
2 1
Being in a car while heavily intoxicated and feeling like you are moving at "hyper speed".
P1: "Dude are we in the millennium falcon?"
P2: "No you are just experiencing Millennium Falcon Syndrome.
di Mr. Callipygian 23 settembre 2011
1 1