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4 definitions by Mr.Seaman

The bane of my existecne
damn! i just wish i can suck on those tities! DAMN!
di Mr.Seaman 26 ottobre 2003
226 132
A slang term for the mouth. Usually said when another is being annoying
Shut yer blowhole bitch!, im tryin to eat my chicken!
di Mr.Seaman 26 ottobre 2003
64 23
the act ejecting seman into a womans anus
tom gave cindy the butt blaster
di Mr.Seaman 25 ottobre 2003
14 18
1.the loyal companion of goku in the dragonball cartoon series.2 a cloud.
goku likes to ride nimbus all day long
di Mr.Seaman 13 novembre 2003
25 41