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4 definitions by Nitrizzy

It is brought from New York and it is short for ONE LOVE, people use it as a departure. When you talk to some one your close 2 or even a friend you would say 1, befor you get off the phone or when your leaving your freind or family.
Jonella: well i gotta go so call me later ok!
Devin: aight das kool imma hit'chu up ~1~
di Nitrizzy 24 febbraio 2005
1221 377
a combination of gonorrhea siphilis and aids.
Jonella: She a ho anyway!
Anthony: Yea, she probably got gonasiphilaids!
di Nitrizzy 24 febbraio 2005
3 1
A taste that is extraudinary and close 2 perfect. a taste thate is so good that there is almost no other way 2 describe it.
Devin: That cherry pie was Scrumdidilyumpchus!!
di Nitrizzy 24 febbraio 2005
2 2
To be confused or puzzled.
when that 2 foot man dunked the ball i was fugoosaled!
di Nitrizzy 24 febbraio 2005
2 5