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22 definitions by Rocky

Duh! Its dook that comes out of you know where! (dung, dook, crap, poop, excrement, anal droppings, anal waste, etc.)
Babies can't help it when they make caca in their daipers!
di Rocky 24 novembre 2003
879 413
The greatest footballer ever. True gift for the Brazillians and football world. Much better than maradona the fuckhead.
Pele is SUPERB!
di rocky 07 dicembre 2003
464 158
The brown stuff that comes out your ass
I doodie all the time.
di Rocky 03 maggio 2004
355 79
A neighborhood in Brooklyn's northside that was once considered the worst neighborhood in America.
He lives in Bushwick and takes the JMZ train home.
di rocky 07 agosto 2003
122 34
a .44 caliber magnum pistol
shits is gonna get murderous, nigga betta bring the four-four
di rocky 16 giugno 2006
79 8
a joint of pot with cocaine in the center
Roll me a cocoa puff, I just score some coke (i.e. cocaine).
di rocky 07 agosto 2003
83 41
A friend you drink beer with, have drunk beer with, or will drink beer with.
you tryin to drink some beerskis later braski?
di rocky 27 gennaio 2003
51 9