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5 definitions by SANTOS

poor,distasteful,without class, crappy
That's the chunga part of the city.
His car is so chunga.
She was dressed all chunga in her pink skirt.
di santos 21 aprile 2003
53 45
a lot, many
There were bue' da people at the party!
The girls looked bue' da fine.
We got bue' da time man, bue'!
di santos 21 aprile 2003
4 1
A festival of laughing out loud.
It was the biggest lolzfest ever when Daniella ran into a glass window.
di Santos 28 dicembre 2013
0 0
Throwback Or Throwback Jersey
YO check out my fresh throwbizzle!!!
di SANTOS 26 gennaio 2004
2 17
Hey, Hi
Oi man, what's going on?
Oi, you talking to me?
di santos 21 aprile 2003
9 28