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4 definitions by SPH

1- very drunk or high, crunk
2- greasy or nasty, disgusting
1- Boy, last night i was straight doudy off those 3 blunts.
2- Nigga, don't even think about getting with her, she is doudy as fuck.
di SPH 05 marzo 2005
Garbage or Trash In russian

idi vekin musor suka :P
di SpH 20 ottobre 2003
A marijuana joint,as in treat.
Don't bogart that scoob dude!
di sph 26 marzo 2005
I am, I believe, the one that created the acronym 'lolz'. I did so a good number of years ago, and to set the record straight it stands for 'Laughs Out Loud Zealously'.

Thanks, ~SPH
********: lol, i'm really cracking up at these
**************: yeah lolz
di SPH 28 marzo 2004