11 definitions by Spaztastic Derek

little fags who clog up the goddamn skateparks. Little bitches
Those scooterers sure are fags.
di Spaztastic Derek 29 febbraio 2004
Bitchin, off the hook, awesome
Man that varial flip off the kicker was fuckin flamdiggity!
di Spaztastic Derek 07 febbraio 2004
when a chicks titty pops out of her shirt
After school there was a cat fight! danielle had a little topflop. Here nips was like this.(.)(.)
di Spaztastic Derek 07 febbraio 2004
Badass, able to bust out bitchin nice kickflip noseslides
You see how Derek skates he's kostonish
di Spaztastic Derek 07 febbraio 2004
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