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n., syn. "toilet paper", paper tickets needed in order to take a poop
Damn, the stall is all out of poop tickets. Can you spare a square?
di Spongebutt Squishpants 18 maggio 2004
An interjection used by Jawas.
{Landspeeder}: "VROOOOOooooooommmmmm!"
{Jawas}: "Ootini!!!!!"
di Spongebutt Squishpants 24 agosto 2004
v. To thoroughly demolish someone in a spectacularly gruesome way. "Ruining one's shit" goes far beyond simple pwning.
1. That bastich mouthed off one too many times, so Lobo came and ruined his shit.

2. That 2000-lb bomb totally ruined that Iraqi's shit.
di Spongebutt Squishpants 24 agosto 2004
n. Syn. for "dad." Implies that any man that would willing whelp his significant other is a chump. Orig.: duh (i.e., "stupid") + dad
For some reason, moo and duhd couldn't figure out that bringing a shrieking baby to the movie theatre would be a bad idea.
di Spongebutt Squishpants 23 agosto 2004
n. Something that's great fun to take a toke on.
Hey bitch, why don't you take a hit on the old schlong bong. Zzzzip!
di Spongebutt Squishpants 23 agosto 2004
n. The end result of locking one's child in a car on a hot day and forgetting about it. Usually refered to as "little sizzler" or "li'l sizzler."
I just read about some moo and duhd that forgot their sprog in the SUV. Seems like you read about one little sizzler per day during the summer.
di Spongebutt Squishpants 23 agosto 2004
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