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3 definitions by Thunder777

Whats up, Bahrani Style.

Bahrain is a small island in the Middle East. Waysh comes from the word shino, which means in local bahrani what ?
Waysh ma brotha?, waysh up man ?
di Thunder777 10 settembre 2006
12 4
A Shaikh is an elder or royalty in the Arab Gulf. It is also used to call men of religion. Also, it is used to mock people when they act in a pretencious way.
Shaikh Esa bin Salman Al Khalifa
di Thunder777 10 settembre 2006
25 22
Liar, a person who lies.

It is originated from the arab word katheb or kathab
Your a soddin chadab
di Thunder777 10 settembre 2006
2 8