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30 definitions by Toronto Raptors

Sexual organ that some pervs use to talk.
Look at that perv over there, using his tongue to talk.
di Toronto Raptors 26 gennaio 2008
535 244
Its a vertical frustration born to a horizontal desire.
I cant fuck her just yet but we can still dance
di Toronto Raptors 26 gennaio 2008
180 92
A woman with a man's morality.
She fucks a lot, shes a nimpho
di Toronto Raptors 26 gennaio 2008
96 61
A game where Kratos seems to be the only real god since the other Gods die more often than mortals themselves.
God of War
Ares: Kratos, youre just a mortal...
Kratos: stabs Ares right between the eyes STFU God of Faggots.
Ares: drops dead... AND bleeding... yeah, Gods do bleed
di Toronto Raptors 27 gennaio 2008
103 70
A person who's able to say "fuck you" if you speak Spanish or "jodete" if you speak English.
Im bilingual, I can offend you in many languages... cabron.
di Toronto Raptors 27 gennaio 2008
45 21
Another name for mother in law

Robert (making love with her girfriend): Oh no here comes Death.
di Toronto Raptors 24 gennaio 2008
34 10
The act of fucking your girl by force even if she doesnt feel like fucking you.
Melissa, you better give it up, or Ima have to shaq you.
di Toronto Raptors 30 gennaio 2008
51 30