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9 definitions by Vincenzo

its a mat with different conclusions you can jump too. the worst idea ever.
see office space
di vincenzo 03 dicembre 2003
120 21
Soda with Lots of bubbles. Prefably Pepsi in a can and very cold. this works great! seriously, try it.

(the bubbles seem to make it go away)
im gonna get some Cotton Mouth Killer from the fridge, want any?
di Vincenzo 03 dicembre 2003
23 7
Slacking, being lazy.
"Hey, you're getting a little flacky today."
di Vincenzo 25 gennaio 2004
24 16
The urban, hip and chic way to say attitude. To be used in conjunction with "nigga" and "honky" and "ie-tie".
I don't like your attitord, honky.
di Vincenzo 30 marzo 2005
0 0
It can mean almost anything. Insert it into your everyday speech whenever it feels right.
"That was very quai of you."
"That's quaied up."
di Vincenzo 25 gennaio 2004
10 12
short for saying D-V-D
yo pop the divid in the player
di vincenzo 02 dicembre 2003
4 7
when a person is talking or staling while they have a bowl, bong, joint, or blunt in there hand while smoking in a group. tell them to pass that sheeeeit.
yo man is that still lit. yea. well quit doogan it man, pass that shit
di vincenzo 02 dicembre 2003
2 6