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Short for plebian, derived from the period of the Ancient Romans. The plebeians were the general body of Roman citizens and those who were privileged were labeled patricians.
Nowadays, a pleb is one associated with those in the lower class. They often lack integrity and sophistication, while many people who consider themselves modern-day patricians often lookdown and mock them.
Man in hole: Oi. Anyone out there?
Man outside of hole: Not if there isnt anyone of my kind in there!
Man in hole: you mean someone who is outside of this hole?
Man outside of hole: chut up, pleb!
di Blackington 12 settembre 2006
The unattractive rubber casing used to protect Ipods from being scratched and tend to start at around $30.
Ipod condom Dialogue-

Mother: remember to always use a condom.
Son: ye, dont want to get scratched.
Mother: *makes a sick face*
di Blackington 10 settembre 2006
The feces emitted from the rear of a bird. It’s white and fun to look at.
Bird 1: man i need to shit
Bird 2: well then do a bird shit
Cow: I wish i could do a bird shit :(
di Blackington 11 settembre 2006
Another name for a swear word, which commonly, but not necessarily needs to consists of four letters.
Person A: Hey, i saw this guy yesterday and he said 'hi', then i said 'hey' and we started a conversation.
Person B: That was me you fucking moron!
Person A: Ok ok, no need for the four letter words.
Person b: Huh?..........."That"????
di Blackington 11 settembre 2006
An Australian teenage girl who was brutally crushed to death in the moshpit of the Sydney Big Day Out in 2001. She died during a Limp Bizkit performance, where the lead singer Fred Durst allegedly made "alarming and inflammatory" comments when a rescue effort was underway.
Now, instead of the normal minute of silence, every year at the Bid Day Out a 'minute of noise' is held in tribute of Jessica Michalik'd death.
The band Grinspoon performed at Jessica Michalik's funeral in 2001.
di Blackington 06 ottobre 2006
A type of cheese from a goat, often found in the popular Greek salad. It's life partner is the black olive and together the have a child which some say looks like mashed-up feta and olives, but really is so much more than that!
Olive: I'm feeling rather randy
Feta: as am I.
di Blackington 12 settembre 2006
A work used to describe one who is "fucking ugly." This does not mean that the particular person is have sexual intercourse with a person who is ugly, but rather that the person's appearance is (in their opinion) ugly.
When the term fugly is used, it is obviously more extreme than the word ugly, and therefore cannot have conjunctions to euphemize or lesser the extent of the description. For example, one cannot say "man, that dude is a bit fugly" because really what is being said is that the dude is "a bit fucking ugly."
Dog: Hey
Cat: piss doodles
Dog: I find that offensive
Cat: I find your odor offensive
Dog: I find the word fugly offensive
di Blackington 10 settembre 2006
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