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A private, co-ed, small liberal arts college located in Poultney, Vermont. Founded as the "Troy Conference Academy" by the Methodist Church in 1834. Green Mountain College (GMC as it is nicknamed by students) has had many incarnations over it's 175 year history. From Academy, to a very exclusive preppy-women's college, back to co-ed status, and since the mid 1990's focusing on environmentalism, and related movements.

Green Mountain students tend to study art, education, psychology, complaining, and griping. Everyone complains about the food being terrible yet they line up at every meal early and proceed to push and shove to get their share.

Students tend to be earthy, left-leaning, and entitled. Alums from all generations and stripes get all "misty-eyed" over their fun times at 'ol GMC. The campus is beautiful and inspiring in all of its incarnations and moods over the decades. A "Simon and Garfunkel" song come to life.

I'd go there.
Did you hear about Green Mountain College? No, it's not a head-shop, it's an actual college! No, no! It's not a bud-farm. No, they don't have a bong team (wink)! They have some really cool students, really groovy teachers and small campus that is in one of the best places on earth. In Vermont! For sure bro! Check it out holmes!
di blutowski 05 dicembre 2012
As in the Public Broadcasting System. Americans owe a debt of gratitude for PBS for the quality television they have delivered over the decades.

PBS today DOES have commercials. Don't let them tell you different. Every program is now sponsored by several companies or "made possible by" and then there is a "commercial" for said companies, or organizations.

This did not used to be the case. Also, the pledge drives tend to go on "all year" now, or a lot more now than they did years ago. Every time a pledge drive starts, our local PBS breaks out the "cooler" shows or special shows to "lure" newbies in making us; the ones' who donate our money like clockwork, even more angry and annoyed.

Aside from some politics, and the misnomer that PBS is commercial free; it is a station that is a part of all of us, and sadly isn't watched by more of us.
"Ughh....just trying to watch PBS Newshour, there is about four minutes of "commercials" before the program starts...I thought PBS was supposed to be commercial free???"

"What? WHY are they interrupting Nova for a 'break' to remind us and ask us for more money? Didn't they just have a pledge drive two months ago?"

"Awesome 'Grateful Dead' concert from 1975 was on PBS last night, too bad they ruined it with three "station breaks" to ask for more money, and they only show programs like this when it's time to ask for more money."
di blutowski 06 dicembre 2012
Providence is a town located in northwest Saratoga County, New York. North of the Town and Village of Galway. Providence has famously been called the "dump of Saratoga County"

Streams, small lakes and ponds dot the rural landscape of gentle rolling forest-covered hills and picture-esque scenery.

Blighting this environment are trailers and beat-up houses with about fifty junk cars in the yard, none of which run. People living in their own filth, run-down country homes, and people living in camps. Genesee Beer is the only swill that is allowed to be consumed, and everyone seems to go party on "the lake" during weekends (Sacandaga Reservoir).

Kids and teenagers in Providence go to Galway High School. Guys all tend to still have mullets, cut of jean-jackets / vests with backpatches that say words like "Metallica" "Dio" "Warrent" while the girls Clorox their hair and collect teddy bears. The adults tend to not work, are unemployed, or have friends up in Mayfield that they do odd-jobs for.

The main roads are "Fish House Road" and "Barkersville Road" which are county roads.

There are thrills to be had in Providence. The kids can't wait to grow up, cook microwave food, pull welfare scams, own a gun, work on cars, and have babies.

If visiting, or driving through stay on the county roads. The town roads, goat paths, and dirt roads lead to some scary areas that can only be seen in the movie "Deliverance"
Guy 1: Hillbillies and Oakies are from the SOUTH.

Guy 2: Well, here in New York State there is a town that is full of them. It's called Providence, town of that is
di blutowski 05 dicembre 2012
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