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3 definitions by cire

Eric Backwards, commonly used online to demonstrate Lordly Skillz for online games such as CS.
Headshot Cire! All 5 kills with the ak, almost all of them with Headshot.
di Cire 20 maggio 2004
Acronym for American History X, A very powerful movie regarding racism. When this acronym is used in the context of, "IM GONNA GO AHX ON HIS HEAD WITH BOOT" It is refering the scene in which a skin head, in defense of his family breaks a blackmans entire jaw on a curb with his boot.
"im about to go AHX on that niggers ass with my shit stompers"
di Cire 31 marzo 2005
extreme mellow sense of being
Bryan and I were blingin'hard last night
di cire 13 ottobre 2003