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an awesome songwriter and singer (and actress) who sings songs brilliantly. She originated from Toronto, Canada, and was constantly compared to another Canadian sweetheart, Avril Lavigne (who Skye is obviously better than). Skye has dyed her hair many colors including: chestnut brown, golden blonde, pinkish-red with black, blue-purple-yellow-and green with black, and jet black. Her real name is Skylar Alexandria Sweetnam. she was named after the isle of Skye in Scottland. Her first cd, Noise From the Basement, hit all stores in Canada, Japan (she's BIG there), and the U.S. Her recent CD, Sound Soldier, is the center of all Skye fan's hearts and girls and guys who want to make noise with guitars, voices, drums, basses, or any rockin' instruments. She also went on tour with Tim Armstrong and had down a song together with him and his band. she is now working with the Matrix band and invading youtube with her Skye Plays Dress Up which is her...playing dressup and having fun. Go Skye!!! Subscribe to Youtube.com/SkyeSweetnamVideo!
"Skye Sweetnam is awesome!"
"Yes she is!"
di codenamejester 02 marzo 2009
utterly disgusting; highly sickening.
Ex.#1:person #1: "Amy Whinehouse's teeth and hair are butt nasty."

person #2: "I know!"

Ex.#2:girl #1: OMG, last night during the slumber party, my BFFs,like, dared me to,like,wear mascara on my lips and wear leg warmers in public!

sister: OMG, ewwww, that is soooooo butt nasty!

Ex.#3: tween boy #1: did you see the picture on page 52 in our health book? you know, the detailed pic about...

tween boy #2: yeah, that was butt nasty...

ex. #4: ghetto guy #1: man, i was at this one pool party yesterday, and when i went into the pool i saw my girlfriend with a booger danglin' from her nostril!

ghetto guy #2: Man, dat is butt nasty!
di codenamejester 16 maggio 2009
a word describing the most disgusting person, word, saying, or action.
person #1: (Sneeze dramatically without covering mouth)

person #2: cover your mouth, you sickening sicko! Jeez! this is why swine flu is spreading, because of sickening sickos, like you, who don't cover their mouths when they f*@#ing sneeze!

person #1: (guiltyly) sorry.
di codenamejester 16 maggio 2009
a disgusting crazy, weirdo person
person #1: man, that is so gross! that guy tried to bring teenage girls into his house through myspace for...

person #2: what a sickening phsyco!
di codenamejester 16 maggio 2009
a talented singer who is oftenly compared to another well known talented singer, Lily Allen. They once had a fueds after Katy's remark saying, "I'm the fatter version of Amy Whinehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen." While Lily Allen did go through a bit of a weight gain, she kicked Katy's words and they smacked Katy right in the face after she heard what Lily had to say. Lily is currently thin and singing beautifully. Katy Perry who's real name is Katy Hudson (took her mother's maiden name, Perry) has released two CDs, one of them is what she originally sang for, Church music, and her recent CD, ONE OF THE BOYS, consists of awesome and well sang songs by the awesome Kitty Purry. Just because Katy Perry is awesome, doesn't mean Lily isn't. Lily is ROCKIN' AWESOME!!! AND SO IS KATY PERRY!!! u gotta Luv em both.
OMG! Katy Perry's song is on!-daughter
Don't get any ideas...- Mother
Mom, can we go to walmart, i need cherry chapstick...-daughter
Uh, oh...- Mother
di codenamejester 03 marzo 2009
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