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86 definitions by holly

pet name: your hunny,sweety,baby.
I love you boo.
di holly 19 marzo 2003
4184 3307
Guy who gets money for giving out COMMON SENSE to people.
Dr. Phil: We're going to put you in detox! And I just got payed for telling you something ANYONE could have done.
di Holly 19 gennaio 2005
670 171
consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other
di holly 26 agosto 2003
555 126
-The Capitol of Georgia
-Home of Coca Cola, the 1996 Olympics, a shitload of traffic and Hartsfield Airport
-Where Georgia's McMansion-suburbanites claim to live
-The only place in the world where on December 23rd one can ice skate outdoors and then go play in the fountain at Centennial Park
"Are you going to Atlanta for Christmas?"
"Don't remind me."
di holly 23 dicembre 2003
419 233
one who participates in sexual activities: intercourse, oral sex, fingering, etc. pertains to female and male
most teenagers today are sexually active
di Holly 10 marzo 2004
257 122
another way of saying "give me a chance" or "let me know what's on your mind".
Holly: "hi hun, you seem upset, what's wrong?"

Rob: "ah, nothin' really... you probably wouldn't wanna hear about anyway."

Holly: "oh yeah? try me, babe...."
di Holly 09 luglio 2005
191 73
chavs are people who wear trackies and named clothes,and the girls wear big fake gold earings they all have an attitude problem and need to have a good punch round their faces
omg i fuking hate them cause there not like me cause i think im so good wwhen really im a bag of sh**
di holly 03 marzo 2005
122 59