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5 definitions by moongunk

A modern-day psychedelia band...their older albums put more emphasis on guitars, but their latest release 'Welcome to the Monkey House' features more synthesizers and effects. Very talented, very good.
The Dandy Warhols are featured in a new documentary movie called 'Dig'.
di moongunk 02 gennaio 2005
95 17
Used to exclaim your disappointment in a way that sounds classier than "nuts!"
When Johnny dropped his chips all over the floor he shouted, "Aw, snutz!"
di moongunk 30 ottobre 2004
5 5
This word's been used at school a bit, apparently it is just another spelling for 'hot'. Don't ask me why, man.
That girl is wehat!

My new shirt is wehat.
di moongunk 30 gennaio 2005
1 9
Toight pants with lots of zippers that were originally made out of parachute material. MC Hammer pants!
U Can't Touch these parachute pants (Sorry, it's cheesy)
di moongunk 07 novembre 2004
10 29
Also known as 'art rock'.
The Mars Volta are a modern day prog band.
di moongunk 07 novembre 2004
28 70