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Righteous Brother who is never afraid to piss off a bunch of hyper-entitled whiny White folks by TELLING THE MOTHERFUCKING TRUTH!
"Gee, I really didn't appreciate that 'Do the Right Thing'movie...Spike Lee is a reverse-racist!"

"Shut up, honky, and give me my goddamn reparations before I tell everyone how small your dick is!!!"
di poppysister 23 agosto 2006
Nickname for a student at Bryn Mawr College. Bryn Mawr women often call eachother "Mawrters", with twinkling & ironic emphasis on the similarity to the word "martyr". Also muttered bitterly by scruffy, insecure, virginal Haverford men who fail to secure the affections of these goddesses of Bryn Mawr's cloistered "gothic castle" community. Haverford women tend to eye-roll and wander off in disgust when confronted with whiny Haverford men fresh from Mawrter-rejection. They are often so turned off by this display that they resort to dating Yale or Harvard (or---God forbid!---Swarthmore) men out of pure spite. Some adventurous Haverford women date Bryn Mawr women and avoid spoiled, self-obsessed Haverford men completely.
"Oh---glorious Spring! All Mawrters down to the Maypole at once!"


"I am SO into this gorgeous Mawrter, but she told me she only dates Haverford WOMEN!"
di poppysister 21 agosto 2006
George Bush is our Karma for NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!
"Hey, Archie---did you vote for George Bush in the last election?"

"Who, ME?!?!? Naw...I NEVER vote...I'm too busy watching 'Real World', downloading porn, wasting my trust-fund and whining about nothing to vote."

"Well, I guess the fact that George Bush has had TWO TERMS in office is your KARMA for being an apathetic little ass-monkey! And by the way: fuck you very much, Archie!"
di poppysister 23 agosto 2006
Not-so-secret "secret" at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. Refers to the series of tunnels(containing an elaborate heating/electrical system) originally constructed beneath the Haverford campus with the intention of keeping the place cozy and liveable in Winter...has since been infiltrated by generations of Haverford undergrads hell-bent on getting drunk/high, wandering through the maze of subterranean pipes and passageways, risking getting caught and hollered at by the Dean or control-freak upperclassmen..."tunneling" was totally CHOICE in the 1980's when most of the tunnels were still accessible and good, creepy fun could be had down there (picnics, beer parties, nookie)...now that most of the tunnels have been walled-off, etc...it's much harder to convince a fellow-'Ford to crawl drunkenly through 'em with you when the possibility of NEVER FINDING YOUR WAY OUT ALIVE looms and menaces. There is still the seductive lure of the yet-to-be-breached "SECRET DOOR" said to be hidden within the tunnels.
"Screw Customs, man---let's hit the tunnels!"

"The TUNNELS? Are you kidding me? I heard Poindexter went in last semester and fucking disappeared. Screw that...besides, they're having cheesesteaks in the Dining Hall tonight and I wanna get in line before that big guy from my Chem class eats 'em all."
di poppysister 23 agosto 2006
White folks who blame everything on "the poor", "the illegals", "the Blacks", "the Jews", "the terrorists", "the Muslims", "the gays", etc. Nothing is ever THEIR fault and you'd better get out of THEIR country or you'll be sorry.
Infamous whiny White folks: Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaugh, Wally George, Ann Coulter, the Klan, the idiots at Fox News and the most notorious whiny White person of all time: Adolf Hitler.
di poppysister 26 settembre 2006
A Haverford College male undergrad who fucks with your head and screws with your heart.
Any spoiled, trust-fund baby Haverford College student who pretends to be a socially-concerned, liberal, anti-war, mellow wonderful dude but who is actually planning to become a corporate SUIT just like his Daddy the minute he matriculates. Beware: all his "peace, baby" bullshit is just for show (or uttered in an effort to get your bra off). Very toxic, mutant strain of asshole rich-boy. Do not breed with this one.
"Biff said he went to the peace rally...but later I found out he spent the day in the tunnels having cheesesteaks and beer with the rest of the Cricket team! He's such a HAVERFRAUD!!!"

"OMG---Teddy told me he wanted to start a vegetarian farm-cooperative to feed the homeless when he graduates from Haverford, but according to our alumni magazine, he's a government agent just like his Dad---I can't believe I let that HAVERFRAUD get into my pants!"
di poppysister 21 agosto 2006
A beautiful multiethnic woman. Also, a multiethnic woman with great gifts: intellect, creativity, etc. A "Renaissance Woman" of multiethnic heritage.
"Juliet is a writer, a dancer and a philanthropist...she's a total 'multidiva'!!"
di poppysister 26 luglio 2006
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