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5 definitions by the realest

to listen to some real rap, which means no Ja Rule or Vanilla Ice's
I was bumpin' to some half-a-dolla
di The Realest 24 febbraio 2003
4 10
to mess/beat up wit niggas that r smaller than you
Why u keep beastin' on them youngin's, u might kill him
di The Realest 24 febbraio 2003
21 27
an extremely tasty THICK and STICKY drink that the White Warrior takes to block sun on his sensitive skin
Finnigan: OHHHH!!! that flash light is buring my skin

ThongKing: Here drink this chode gulper!!!!

Finnigan: OHHH YEA!!! Finally the burning has stoppped
di The Realest 07 marzo 2003
3 16
to fuck a girl up the ass while she does a mid-air split
Special K: Who do you like to shangle?

Gaudett: My ThinkPad has a big hole between the mother-board and the JIZ-Sticky
di The Realest 07 marzo 2003
11 25
someone who is tore up and uly ass hell
a Hot ass mess
look at her she a damn H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess)
di the realest 16 settembre 2005
199 278