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101 definitions by thomas

Not China. China seems to have a high degree of jealousy of Taiwan.
Taiwan is not China!
di Thomas 25 novembre 2003
1425 533
A person who is part of the mafia. Not to be confused with gansta. Known to wear suits and carry guns in guitar cases.
di Thomas 03 novembre 2003
421 58
the coolest prettiest most amzing chick in the entire world.
god, i love karli
di thomas 22 agosto 2003
516 234
v. - to consume large amounts of alcohol in a limited amount of time
"Yo let's pound these brews before going in."
di thomas 09 febbraio 2004
226 110
"pain and sorrow" used in twin peaks
di Thomas 18 luglio 2003
125 24
In the Simpsons episode following Superbowl XXXIX, the Comic Book Guy tells Ned Flanders that his real name is Jeff Albertson.
Jeff Albertson, owner of the Android's Dungeon, was known as The Comic Book Guy for years.
di Thomas 07 febbraio 2005
139 39
Holding true to people (friends and family) to country (not so much to the land but to the values that made it a free country) and to the nation's defenders those soldiers that are fighting the wars today and all those who have served and most important the fallen soldiers that have died to preserve our way of life.
We should be loyal to our way of life, it may not be the best, but it is the best that we have.

"Try not to be part of the problem but be apart of the solution"
di Thomas 17 dicembre 2003
235 143