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Chronic burping and belching resulting from consumption of larg helpings of Taco Bell, Americas favorite gastro-intestinal disaster. Usually last 1-2 hours, and are later followed by a fragrant gaseous attack at the other end.
Man, after I ate five burritos and a taco salad, I got a mad case of the taco belch.
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di wordman07 09 maggio 2007
Condition occuring when ones scrotum adheres to the side of ones leg, particularly on a hot humid day or after strenuous work. This problem more common to wearers of boxer shorts and summertime Florida residents.
Bob keeps shaking his leg, he must have a case of scrotal adhesion.
#tallahassee #florida #balls #bag #nuts
di wordman07 07 maggio 2007
That person who, when someone is using the restroom for an extended visit (#2), continuously rattles the doorkonb, bangs on the door, and/or yells "watchya doin in there?".
The objective of this rude assault on a person at their most defenseless moment is to make the victims dump unrelaxing and stressful as possible. Extreme heckling can at times prevent poo entirely, leaving the victim at risk of a hershey squirt later on.
The Poo Heckler most often lurks around offices or other densly populated areas, preferably with small, single occupant restrooms. This enables maximum humiliation and discomfort to their victims.
Poo Heckler is not to be confused with "dump cheerleader" or the infamous "turd burglar"
"i was taking a nice relaxing dump, but Jamie kept banging on the door and rattling the doorknob. What a total poo heckler!!"
#turd burglar #dump #poop #crap #turd
di wordman07 07 maggio 2007
Grumpy, bitchy attitude or disposition. Most commonly exhibited by females who work long hours in close proximity. Often alienates and confuses unsuspecting male coworkers and bystanders.
Damn, whats up with the stankness today? I didn't do anything wrong!!
#attitude #grumpy #grouch #pms #smartass
di wordman07 07 maggio 2007
crappy attitude. So bad that it stinks like do-do. Makes people wonder what the hell they said or did wrong.
You can just leave that doditude at the door.
#attitude #bad attitude #smart ass #snappy #grouchy
di wordman07 07 maggio 2007
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