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shop owned by those of indian/pakistani backgrounds
am away doon the pakis fur a hauf bottle
di big boab 28 luglio 2005
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plural, noun, offensive. singular is "paki"

rude slang for Muslims. You shouldn't say it because it is offensive to most people.

Assholes will often discriminate against "pakis" because they accuse them of rape, theft, murder, etc... However, people that are racist to Muslims (or anyone for that matter) are dumbshits who think they are being sophisticated and important by calling their fellow humans "primitives" and "brown pieces of shit".
lets assume that the "pakis" guys name is "George":

Good guy: "hey dude we got the same score on this math test"
"George": "oh cool"
Asshole: "dude omg thats imposserable"
Good guy: "shut the fuck up asshole"
(Good guy and "George" high five )

Today I went to the grocery store to get some food and some douchebag called this other guy a "Paki". I kicked the douchebag in the balls. Then I continued to mind my own business, and i bought some 2% milk, some cookies, and a bag of chips.
di joeb360 07 aprile 2011
32 65
A group of people from the Indian subcontinent getting their own back on their former 'masters' by bleeding the system dry and generally having more money than the poor council estate trash.

There still ain't no trash like white trash...
Pakis have nicked all our jobs and benefits cos we're too fucking lazy to do any work ourselves and this pram isn't gonna push itself...we've got the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe dontcha know!
di smanolo 02 aprile 2009
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1. A slang term to describe a Pakistani or one of Pakistani descent - used in an intentionally harmless manner **if** it's between non-Pakistanis or Pakistanis themselves.

2. In the UK at least, used to the person the word is a derogatory racist remark for anyone of South Asian appearance, even if they're say, Indian. Look at the description of Feltham for truth of how stupidly this word is used. Used by racist Neanderthal shitbags, many of whom frequent by the look of the utter drivel I've read in this section. It goes without saying they obviously need to go back to primary school. I know some need to integrate more into British culture, way of life etc. and there are a lot of dickheads, same as in any race/ethnic group but this is hardly going to encourage them. You get a lot of white people saying "When in Rome" etc but when you treat people like shit they will treat you like shit - go figure?

And the plan to deport those who were BORN here (OK if they were terror suspects but this includes everyone - even if they've never committed a crime in their life..) is a practical violation of human rights. Fortunately, to any people accessing this from outside the UK I'm glad to say people with the views above are in the minority.

3. A great Republic of Ireland and Celtic goalkeeper in the early '90s. Oops, sorry, that's PACKIE Bonner :-)

A white man writes
See above definitions, I think they say it all
di Dan Sullivan 07 marzo 2005
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1. A highly offensive, racist term used in the UK, (usually) to refer to South Asians. The kind of people who use this term are usually not bothered about specific ethnic origins, so the term is also widely applied to Middle Easterners, North Africans and sometimes even swarthy Europeans.

2. A highly offensive term used by Indians to refer to Pakistanis.

3. A term that has been to some extent "reclaimed" by people of Pakistani descent, and used to refer to each other, much in the same way that some African-Americans use the word nigga.
1. "Let's go beat the shit out of that Paki cunt!"

2. "Bloody Pakis are nothing but trouble..."

3. "I'm a Paki and proud of it!"
di who_indeed? 22 marzo 2011
142 241
Word is usually used by racist white people mostly in britain. I'm white myself, and some of the things you people are coming out with are awful. They're so not true. I've got many pakistani friends, and they are all REALLY sound people. They're better than my white mates. you may get the minority of nobheads, but you get that in every race, good and bad.

Lay off the pakistanis, not all are bad, my mum suffers from cancer and it lead to some illness which i cant remember exactly. i've got about 4 pakistani friends and they ALL volunteered to give blood to check for a match, in the end the blood samples didn't match or owt but i felt so proud that day.

leave them alone, and most are more educated than yourselves, so what if you get the odd minority of nobhead pakistanis? just look at us, we're the same, just look at the chav's with their burberry etc, and vauxhall novas. dont forget WE were the one's who asked for help in the 50's from countries like pakistan, so we should be obliged to have them here.
all the racist people , stop hating on the 'pakis', u sad twats, YOUR the ones who need to be thrown out, you give us a bad name!
di panasonix 07 febbraio 2005
372 521
you sad cunts need to grow up. i'm white and i aint never had no trouble with asians. Where i live(london) everyone mixes with everyone. people date whoever, asian/black whatever. i even dated a couple asian girls before. And yes it was ALL THAT. and i would no doubt date one again. you stupid cunts dont know what you're missin. i ave a few asian mates too, so why the fuck would i want to down their whole people if they are alright with me. you nob heads dont know fuck all about your country. you aint got a clue about nothin. all that you are doin is stirrin up racial hatred with people unlucky to know ya silly pricks. people like you i'd be glad to give a good kickin. my uncle got robbed by some pakistanis at gun point, but he aint hatin them cos of that and neither am i. theres bad people in every colour. all i hear is you lot sayin, they smell like shit, they smell like curry and insults like that. where the fuck have you been cos i never had the same problems as you. if thats the only problems, thats just fuckin pathetic cos you know it aint true one bit. i bet some of ya cunts smell like piss and worse. sort it out!. i like curry too, it goes nice with a couple of beers and the footy. paskistanis feel free in my country, its yours too. ignore these stupid twats. me and my mates aint nothin like these geezas. they are thick cunts that blame all their problems on other people, cos they are fuck ups themselfs, i dont know what the problems really are. they are just making up bollocks. fuck ya!!. its you lot that should be kicked out my country.
sort it out ya dumb fuckin cunts! stop makin our country worse then it is. I been inside 4 times, and when i was there i made a few mates that were pakistanis. they are no different to us. dont fuckin stir cos it aint doin nothin!
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