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British slang term for a wimpy, emasculated and weak man. In particular, one who complains immoderately.
Ya big girl's blouse! Grow a pair why don't ya.
di Slagathor 22 settembre 2005
91 10
A derogatory term used for a man who is a pussy or in nicer terms, a wuss, sissy or coward.
Kate Winslet was explaining to David Letterman last week about the cold water they had to shoot in while doing "Titanic", and how Leonardo DiCaprio whined and moaned about the water being too cold. She called him "A big girl's blouse".
di Christiane 18 marzo 2004
43 13
A lightweight. A heaving jessy. A right girl. (Generally applied to blokes.)
He did not want to have a strong pint of bear. Instead ordered a strawberry frappuccino. "What a big girls blouse!"
di safado 03 novembre 2004
47 29
A sissy, a wimp
What a winging big girl's blouse he is!
di Pink 30 gennaio 2004
29 12
someone who is grown up but is terrified of certain things, e.g spiders, aeroplanes, the dark
He is some big girls blouse, a spider ran up his leg and he nearly shit on himself.
di Jonno 19 febbraio 2004
11 16