Adolf Hitler was the Socialist leader of Germany which along with the other (non-white) Axis powers (Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, Russia) fought a war against the white Colonialist powers of Great Britain, Belgium, France and also other parts of Europe. This ultimately resulted in the independence of many African countries from colonial rule. Factors contributing to Hitler's defeat include the Russians switching sides due to a disagreement over territory and the United States having entered the war after Pearl Harbor.

Hitler was a vegetarian who's Nazi party supported many Progressive issues like reducing poverty, education, banning child labor, the anti-smoking campaign and social welfare. He is sometimes considered a Centrist because he also supported many issues on the Right including a strong military, reducing crime, immigration reform and genocide.

Controversial aspects of Hitler's life include his relationship with Eva Braun, his addiction to prescription drugs (amphetamine) and his suicide on the 30th of April 1945.
A+ for effort, student clearly demonstrates ability to research the topic in depth and emphasize relevant aspects of Adolf Hitler's life in a fair and balanced way.
di Teach history better. 30 giugno 2009
Bomb ass leader. Was the Chancellor of Germany. The Third Reich leader was given off as someone who was morally a bad leader. He wanted to obtain more land for his country. He began by invading the Bitchy country of Poland. From there he would kill those niggas in Paris. During WW2 he began the greatest pastime in the land, this had become known as the Holocaust. This meant that he would kill Jews. Jews were unimportant and needed to be removed from this planet. He forced them to live in camps and would put them in that Gas chamber until they were too faded to live anymore. Adolf Hitler was a Legend and should be seen as an Idol for many people growing up in today's society.
History Teacher "Who inspired the world for change?"
Me "My nigga Adolf Hitler. He killed those Jews in the Holocaust"
di Ben Derhover III 24 marzo 2014
Is a alcoholic Drink that the racist or nazi's drink to salute Adolf Hitler. You take Vodka and mix soda and Budweiser and alot of other drinks you want to add then you got a Adolf Hitler.
John- I'm thirsty i think i would order a Adolf Hitler

Me- Adolf Hitler? That was cold man

John No that is a real good drink! He gets the drink and drinks it up. AHHHHH....... Next i will get a Joseph Stalin

Me- WTF????????????
di Crzyfkr 06 ottobre 2010
President of germany 1938-1945 A very viscious racist man. Leader of the nazi party which killed and torchered millions of innocent people. Dissapeared after germany lost WW2.
News reperter Adolf Hitler has now inaveded poland
di wvalltheway 10 luglio 2009
Leader of Germany from 1936 to 1945. Chairman of the Nazi Party. Was NOT Jewish, but WAS Austrian. No concrete evidence to support any kind of Jewish inheritance. George W. Bush is no where near as horrible as this man was. Bush did not single handedly cause the death of over 12 million people.
Adolf Hitler > George W. Bush
di Hellsing 15 giugno 2006
Someone George w Bush strives to be
"Hahahahaha, soon I, George w Bush will rule all of the middle east, and then Europe, and its all for you, Adolf Hitler!"

-George w Bush
di the retarded dictionary 11 agosto 2008
A crazy man who killed Jewish people for no reason.
Adolf Hitler:I'm going to take over the world by killing Jews for no reason!
di Sonicfan88 28 dicembre 2008
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