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1. a BMW
2. a nice car
"hey, my boyfriend just got a beamer."
"that's so tite"
di bigheavenlyeyes 21 luglio 2005
1720 424
A way morons spell bimmer.
"Dude, your uncle's beamer is sweet! I wish I could afford one"
"It's 'bimmer', you fucktard, and you'll never be able to afford one because stupid people are poors."
di billobob 10 agosto 2006
1025 514
1. a BMW
2. a hella hott car
i fucked your little sister in the backseat on my new beamer last night
di alyson saunders 01 luglio 2007
833 323
When a woman's breasts are very perky. Almost to the point where they're pointing upwards, like your high-beam headlights on a car.
"Man! That bitche's beamers are starin me right in the face!"
di Zebulante elZorro 06 marzo 2008
33 10
An old Northern Irish slang word for when someone goes red with embarrassment.
Matty pulled Moley's shorts down in the middle of PE. He took a pure beamer!
di Bannwhatsit 20 gennaio 2014
2 2
One who has devoted his life to playing video games. Originates from all the beaming that goes on during gameplay. A common synonym is steamer.
I am such a beamer. I played 47 matches of FIFA07 straight, without a break.
di DimDog 14 marzo 2007
169 184
a nice BMW
"Hey, look at that blue beamer over there."
di angler4941 04 ottobre 2008
161 198