1. A sect of Norse warriors who would fight with no armor and would continue fighting despite wounds or chance of victory.
2.Used to say some one has flipped a shit and done something rash with no self regard
sweet Jesus, jimmy went berserker on that salesman and ripped out his heart and ate it for courage
di berserker 14 novembre 2003
Top Definition
Although similar groups have been found around the world, berserker generally refers to the small class of Nordic peoples who could be found preforming inhuman feats on the battlefield. When in combat a berserker would fight nude and/or completely unarmored, sometimes taking the skins of bears, wolves or other beasts to heighten his appearance. Uncontrollable rage is the signature of the berserker. To enter this rage many would have pre-battle ceremonies in which they would consume alcohol, and work themselves up into a violent, bloodlusting mood through dance and similar actions, and then often take psychoactive drugs to make them, in combination with the mighty rage, immune to pain and personal hurt. As a result, these fierce warriors would not back down when injured or against overwhelming odds, and be completely numb to pain and the killing that they were doing. This is a lethal combination, and makes the berserker a plausible candidate for creating the werewolf myth, let alone a terrifying addition to the ancient battlefields of Europe and Scandinavia.

It is known that these specific warriors known as berserkers were often intense followers of the god Odin and other members of the Aesir, and would engage in religious ceremonies invoking these forces to imbue them into an insane, unmatched frenzy before battle.
With a mighty swing of his rough axe, the blood-covered skyclad Berserker pounded through the lines and formations of living flesh and blood, screaming as a dozen men fell to his blade, unwavering in his savage assault when blades and arrows pierced his own skin.
di H.F.Raven 08 marzo 2007
A practitioner of BERZERKER(tm) Viking Fighting Arts - the best, the deadliest and the most brutal combat system ever invented by man
An advanced Berserker will use nut biting, eye gouging and windmilling to defeat any attacker. He can kill you with a spoon.
di Sven S. Svensson 25 novembre 2007
A word to be used in conjunction with a string of words, making little or no sence, but also featuring the word "love". Thought to have originated from Oleg.
"My Love for you is ticking clock, berserker"

"My Love for you is like a truck, berserker"
di Thor 24 agosto 2004
Berserkers are possessed by Hyrui, spirit of rage and madness. Whenever a berserker gets angry or upset her becomes a mindless killer, with no self control and no fear of death.
It is said; When a berserker passes only corpses remain.
di Silvermane 17 giugno 2005
Somebody who gets smashed and possibly turns violent before or after doing so. Named after Norse warriors who would get intoxicated using liquor, then fight to the death.

More modern use makes reference to people who more self-disregard and less focus on fighting or violence, and berserkers usually will do all types of drugs.
Steve: Hey, have you seen Dave?

Me: Not for a few months... Who knows? That kid's a damn berserker.

Steve: Yeah, he's been drinking a lot more lately.
di Robert 29 luglio 2004
One who tastes blood, then goes insane with the passion to kill; To commit mass genocide.
Excellent, if you ask me. Wish I was one...
di Leiko 02 ottobre 2004
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