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The main man of "The Roots", he has some lyrical skill i can tell u that, get "The Tipping POint" when it comes out in couple days
Black Thought has a large head
di roy 08 luglio 2004
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Black Thought is the lead rapper of the hip hop band The Roots. In my opinion Black Thought is also the best rapper ever. The reason I think that is because Black Thought has NEVER, and I mean NEVER, disappointed me! I have all of their albums also so I've heard pretty much all of his stuff.

"The Game Theory" August 29,2006
"Look, my eyes open ‘cause I'm really a rocksmith
And when inviting my thoughts, I'm really unboxin'
My main adversary in this silly concoction
Freeze your face like bosilium toxin
If you ain't tryin' to get popped, then give me a option
Helicopters choppin' from Philly to Compton
The Jones is the richest since dismissin' the Johnson's
If you ain't sayin' nothin', you a system's accomplice
It should play with your conscience, do away with the nonsense
I'm overseeing anything within my circumference
This ain't a press junket, I ain't seekin' responses
I stand where the people got the heat in they pocket
You mesmerized by the calm nonchalant-ness
I spit a dart, rub on some John Hitchcock shit
If you ain't speakin' your life, your rhyme's adopted
If it don't feel right, then stop it, you nahmsayin'?"
- "Don't Feel Right" off of Game Theory!

Black Thought > your favorite MC
di AdamL 09 luglio 2006

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