A country blaming the US for everything going on wrong, despite the fact they are a developed country.
American kid who lost his dad in 9/11: I sure miss my pa...

Canadian: Oh shut up, you crybaby, you americans are all the same! What about Canada, huh, we need some sympathy too once in a while, even though we have just as much as America has, maybe more! >=(
di just some kid... 09 ottobre 2007
A piece of shit landmass that isn't even a country. They always say stuff like "Americans are fatasses who eat at McDonalds all day". But their still under power of the British Monarch. Tell Canada to grow a set of balls and declare independance from Britan, then mabye they can talk about The United States, who did this 200+ years ago.
Canada isn't even a real country anyway. Fuck Canada.
di Whateveren 13 aprile 2008
A smaller version of the United States, according to Homer Simpson.
Bart: "We have to go to Canada."

Homer: "Why should we leave America for America Jr.?"
di Dewey 20 giugno 2004
A magical forest, north of the United States of America. People generally believe that there are little to no laws, and that free healthcare and French people run rampant. They say "Eh?" a lot. It is also known as the "heaven" of a religious group known as the liberals. Liberals (of both Orthadox and Moderate leanings) agree that Canada is real and that Al Gore is their president. There are some minor variances in the idea of Canada for the many sects of liberal. Some groups believe that Canada has no FCC, other more extreme groups say that Canada doesn't even have pants. Skeptics are quick to point out that a country such as Canada could never exist because it's simply too "retarded".

Also rumored to have bestowed fortune cookies and JELL-O upon the world.

Canada also invented the great sport known as hockey, and provides approximately 96% of all NHL hockey players.

Canada is WAY better than the United States, M I RITE?
di Robert Lo 19 giugno 2005
a place where if you go you smell like butt
guy:where did you go
other guy:canada
guy:o thats why you smell like butt
di got to go potty 27 gennaio 2008
The big place above the U.S. that people call a country even though we all know its just a big state.
Roberto:Are going out of the country this spring break?

Juanita: No, I'm just going to Canada
di G-Fizzle 11 aprile 2007
A country which all those who inhabit are WAY too proud to be from. Canada's good, (currently) better than America, but only because Bush is in power. Here is a list of Canadian lies Canadians say to make themselves feel more important, and American lies to make themselves seem more important, it's non-biased and true.

-Canada is not as multicultural as people make it to seem. It is a majority white country just like America, there are some big cities (Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga) that are multicultural, and multicultural they are, but contrary to popular belief that's it, you go to any of the above cities and drive for an hour you're in white man's land.
-Canadians are NOT intellectually superior to Americans. Average IQ is 100, everywhere. Bush was not elected rightfully, he stole the election. And Canada has elected Stephen Harper, he's JUST as bad as Bush.
-Only a select few of us talk like "Canadians." Talking "Canadian" means pronouncing about aboot, roof ruff, and saying eh every other word.
-Not all of us speak French. A lot of us stop taking that class at grade 10
I'm an American, born in Mississippi. I lived in Memphis for 7 years, now I live in Toronto Canada and have for 6 years. I'm probably the only person on this website who can fairly compare both countries from first-hand experience.
di Robert De La Wino 16 marzo 2007

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