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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
di Casey 19 aprile 2005
13599 6222
sticky, hairy, stinky, and highly potent marijuana.
I took two hits of that dank and was nearly transcendent.
di Anonymous 21 marzo 2003
8862 3509
really potent weed, produced by proper slow drying of harvested plant material, usually requiring curing (putting plant material in paper bag, folding over top, placing that bag in another bag. Thus reducing air and light contact on said plant materials, so when you go to retrieve some of said plant materials, it is still moist, green and sticky because the resin glands are still intact and 'sweating'.
usually can only be found on or near a High School (go on, Im sure your son would love to hook you up with some digity dank.
di todaugen 25 novembre 2003
4523 2522
1. Potent weed.
i.e. Krippy, KindBud, Bomb Nugget
2.Adjective meaning good.
1. I got an oz of dank nugs for 280.
2. That burrito was dank as fuck.
di Swim 10 settembre 2005
2758 2101
Formerly used to denote really potent weed, it now means really or awesome
That party was dank!
di Dank Girl 05 dicembre 2004
2788 2351
High quality weed (chronic).
Damn, that shit was dank. (referring to weed)
Where did you get the danks from? (referring to weed)
di theoneandonly 28 febbraio 2005
1678 1337
high quality, really strong weed
those are some dank nugs!
di im anonymous 18 giugno 2005
1296 1031