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a sock that you jerk off into.
"hey jimmy! wanna go to the tavern and holler at some broads?"

"sorry steve, i have a date with lady margaret the dream catcher."
di steve turbs 19 febbraio 2005
An epic novel by Stephen King which is a true masterpiece, albeit bizarre as hell, about four psychically enabled childhood friends, who are receive their power from a remarkable Down Synrdome's kid named Duddits. However, during their annual hunting trip, they encounter a disoriented man who was separated from his group. The man, however, is bringing something with him, and the friends are launched into an epic struggle with an alien race. On the other side of the story is an insane militia leader and his protege, and the deadly lengths he'll go to in order to prevent the aliens from spreading. These two sides of the story become intertwangled, leading back to the secret of how the friends they got the way they are, their special fifth friend, their "dreamcatcher".

Stephen King wrote this novel entirely by hand after being struck down by a car in 1999, because he couldn't sit as his word processor, but he needed to write something because he needed the recreation to ease the pain he was in.

It was fixed into novel form and publsished in 2001, and had a fantastic film adaption in 2003, which starred Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Donnie Wahlberg and Jason Lee.

Also, it's worth noting that it's been thrown out that Dreamcatcher takes place in the same universe as Stephen King's 'It'. Read it, you'll see.

Dreamcatcher is a novel by Stephen King that a lot of older fans didn't care for, and some even found to be less classier than his earlier work. Mainly because of the monsters known as 'shit-weasels'.

But it's still an incredibly worthy read, and an excellent film.
di NoFadsThen 04 aprile 2009
a rag, cloth, shirt, or something of the sort used to catch your skeet after you beat off
"I always use a dream catcher, I don't want my bed to get all nasty."
di mafoo 07 dicembre 2004
this is an activity used for amusement in west London. It typically involves three people. Two people wear many plastic gloves from a petrol station and the third person does a poo into their gloved hands. Usually performed in a rural area such as a field. First ever recorded Dreamcatchers took place in Ruislip England.
We done Dreamcatchers last night in a field
di Simon McLeod 04 aprile 2005
A dream catcher is another name for the underwear/boxers/panties during a wet dream. When a male is sleeping and has a wet dream his underwear/boxers will catch the cum allowing for little mess. When a female is sleeping and has a wet dream her panties will become very moist and not allow the juicy goodness to run down her thighs.
Adam woke up early Thursday morning after a steamy dream of his friend Theresa, but when he reached down to adjust himself he felt the stickiness of his load on his dream catcher. All Adam could do is smile and think how it would have felt if he blew his load in Theresa.
di Jeff Briggs 27 aprile 2013
Someone who goes after things hopelessly out of most people's reach -- and gets them.
Bob quit his job to become a rock star -- and he made it!!! What a Dream Catcher!
di Ryan O'Neal Ryan 30 gennaio 2009
a rag you use to clean yourself up after ahaving a jizzdream
*dreaming* ooo yeah, suck it baby
*wake up*
oh shit i creamed myself, where's my dream catcher?
di spanky 10 luglio 2003
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